Known Bugs

List of known bugs

  • Bugs:
    • The RA rename function does not behave well always.
      Use instead the renaming as in defining relations with, e.g., renamed_relation(renamed_attribute) := select true (relation);
    • In the source distribution of SWI-Prolog running on Ubuntu OSís, when typing a closing parenthesis, the cursor disappears somewhere to the right of that, and the subsequent typing is not shown.
      • Disable parenthesis matching in the OS shell with:
        set blink-matching-paren off
        This can be included in ~/.inputrc
      • Enable /multiline on and start typing after an Intro
      • Use a binary version, as the SICStus release. Remember to add executable permission to file des, typically  with:
        chmod +x ./des
  • Bugs already fixed for the next release:
    • <empty list>