What's New

The current major version features the inclusion of fuzzy reasoning in a deductive database: Formal concepts supporting the fuzzy logic programming system Bousi~Prolog are translated into the deductive database system. A version of fuzzy Datalog as query language is provided, where programs and queries are compiled to the DES core Datalog language. Weak unification and weak SLD resolution are adapted to this setting, and extended to allow rules with truth degree annotations. A bunch of commands to handle this new system mode is provided. Apart from this, other additions include using selected commands as directives (so that a command in a file can be automatically executed upon consulting the file), a default constraint for SQL table creation, exception control in type casting, several relation primitives supported in the tiny Prolog interpreter, and the possibility to elide PDG construction when opening external databases with slow connections. The complete list of enhancements, changes and fixed bugs are listed in the Release Notes and in Section 11.1 of either the printed printed User Manual or the online User Manual.